Sponsors & Partners

“Culture is the victory of the human condition over barbarism…”

Daisaku Ikeda

We invite those socially responsible companies and corporations (and those who want to start with actions in this regard), to work jointly with Melodramma through our training programs, scholarships, and cultural productions for nonprofit purposes.

We are always open and willing to contribute and participate in any campaign to promote CSR and cultural activities, aware of the importance and social values creation capacity and sustainable development that all companies (including SMEs) potentially possess.

Your Company will be supporting a new generation of artists and the production of more and better quality Opera shows.

Supporting cultural activities is one of the best investments you and your company can perform.

Your participation will represent short and long term benefits:

1. Enhances the reputation and corporate image of the sponsoring company.

2. Gives brand high visibility among key audiences.

3. Generates publicity and media coverage.