Project: Interdisciplinary Laboratory of Performing Arts

What is it?

This is a comprehensive training space and interaction between different disciplines essential for the production of an Opera.

Why is it important?

Promoting proper training of young talents will ensure the future of Opera.
You try to narrow the gap between the time of completion of the conservatory or school and the desired development in the professional field. This intermediate stage must be accompanied and guided to ensure that there is no vacuum, doubt or lack of direction for the artist and also protect his/her talent , walk him/her through the necessary stages of the maturation process.
Thus, Opera companies and theaters will have an extraordinary human material available  to hold high-level performances.

Aimed at:

Singers, set designers, costume designers, teachers, musicians, regisseur, dancers, orchestra conduction students and even multimedia professionals.

The goal:

New generations for the Lyric Theatre, at the highest standards.

It’s essential for an artist to:

-Be prepared to work dynamically, according to the demands of a Conductor and a Regisseur.
-Understand the roles, the interaction areas and the different perspectives of all actors involved in the melodramma, all converging in one place: the stage.


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